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Homepage of Michael Borgwardt

Michael Borgwardt

Welcome on my humble internet presence! Here I collect everything I want to show to the world or consider otherwise interesting. Via the menu in the uper left corner you can reach the following sections:

  • About me - more information about me
  • Vocation - what I do professionally
  • Hobby - what I do in my free time
  • Miscellaneous - anything that doesn't fit into the other categories
  • Contact - necessary to satisfy German laws

You will not find here:

  • A blog - because I don't belong to those who think all the world wants to hear from them regularly
  • Funny images or videos - enough of those can be found elsewhere
  • Web 2.0 - everyone's doing that recently, I'm going retro!
  • Carmen Sandiego - nope, no idea where she is
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