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Michael Borgwardt

I'm currently working as a software engineer for Zühlke. I consider myself lucky to get paid well for work that I actually enjoy. The most interesting parts are:

  • The struggle against human, especially your own fallibility - every bug has a creator
  • The systems can be understood completely - if you have enough stamina and skill, any problem can be solved
  • Communication is important but not an end unto itself
  • The work can never become truly monotonous, because you can automate anything repetitive


My strengths lie mainly in these fields

  • software development in Java
  • development processes, especially the Rational Unified Process
  • code quality assurance
  • performance engineering
  • automated testing
  • (If desired, imagine a long list of the usually buzzword acronyms here)

I am a native speaker of German and know these foreign languages:

  • English - fluent in speaking and writing
  • Japanese - well enough to deal with everyday situations


Curriculum Vitae

Back to consulting at Zühlke Engineering
Something different: games developer at Ravensburger Digital
Graduation (Diplom in computer science) at the Technical University of Munich and beginning of emplyoment at Object Vision Software
2000 / 2001
Writing of my Diplom thesis as an exchange student at the Tokyo Institute of Technology
Graduation (Abitur) at the Willi-Graf-Gymnasium high school in Munich and beginning of a 6 year part-time duty at the Technisches Hilfswerkin lieu of military or civil service


Treatment of Arbitrary-Size Data in Autonomous Disks


My Diplom thesis, written in 2001 during my time as an exchange student in Japan. It describes the design and implementation of a method that allows high performance storing and retrieval of large data streams in a cluster of "intelligent" harddisks.

Additional publications in German can be found on the German version of this page.


David   2017-08-17, 11:19
you have strong profile at <a href="https://stackoverflow.com/users/16883/michael-borgwardt">Stack Overflow</a>
Spoke n Prong   2017-06-12, 00:46
Hello, we very much like your website. You are also very helpful regarding complexities in Studio Ghibli films - ESPECIALLY KIKI'S DELIVERY. I am a Welshman (international award-winning artist and a first-aid trained human being) and an artist (one who has won awards internationally, if I haven't already mentioned).

So, I came across your very thoughtful and considered approach to Jiji in the film - I was wondering ever so much why he didn't talk anymore at the end of the film. It made me very sad. I did enjoy the artwork though - which I would know, as I am an artist. An international award-winning artist at that. Which means I've won awards ALL OVER THE WORLD.

I was really very concerned about Jiji, as I once rescued a cat from a tree. I feel very close to cats, as I once rescued one from a tree with a broom (I won an award for this too). I called this cat Gareth, because that is my real name but I don't like to admit it. I HATE it when post comes through the door addressed to 'Gareth'.

Whatever. Anyway, I'm digressing. I have a client who recently became ill, and am contacting you as their next of kin. He has a black cat called Gareth (I renamed him) who desperately needs a home. I hope you can accept and, if so, please forward me your address within the next 48 hours. I think the cat would really like Munich, even if it is a little expensive. But you'd be buying the milk! HO HO HO.

Many thanks for your time. I hope to come across such a wonderful website again in the very near future.

Kind Regards,

Not Gareth

International Award-Winning Artist.

First-Aid Trained.

Occasional Fire Fighter.

Sunil Kumar Sahoo   2011-07-14, 16:53
Excellent Blog. Enjoy....
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